Rolling with your friends = Best. Thing. Ever.

We are Endore

Hey you "I’ve-got-my-adult-life-on-lockl!" Nice going!

So why is something nagging you? Thinking about the times when you were so close with your friends that they felt like family?

The years when every weekend gave you at least one epic story and a 2-day hangover? In which your biggest worry was who would pick up the beer & snacks tab at the end of your soccer training?

We sure miss these days a lot. But we also know life is too short to keep looking back for long at what you’ve had. That’s why we get you and your friends rolling in our gear: fairly produced and functional cycling clothing. Outfits that won’t make you go faster but are engineered for good times.

Laugh hard,

go hard.

Jump on your bike, empty your head and fill your body with endorphins. Maybe you’ll improve your personal best or ride one of your buddies to bits. Maybe not. It doesn't matter.

The feeling that you’re exactly where you need to be. In nature surrounded by good people. With zero responsibilities. Where it’s all about laughing hard, enjoying yourself and yes, sometimes cycling really fast. That’s how we roll.